Hamlet (2019)TITAN Theatre Company

"The technical staff should be praised. From Analiese Puzon's excellent fight choreography..., to Alan Piotrowicz' wintery mood lighting and ominous driving score, to Chris Kateff's excellent videography, bringing the ghost to life, to Lenny Banovez's scenic design that subtly told the story of changing regimes through the use of white and black marble motif - all the technical elements were perfectly on-point."

- Classical NYC Reviews, "Ghostly Portents: TITAN Theatre Company's HAMLET"

Sound Design:

  • Ragtime in concert

Brief Cameo Productionsalso projection designReconstructing Grimm (Liz Shipe)
  • Hamlet

TITAN Theatre Company (NYC)also lighting design
  • This Prison Where I Live

Theater REDalso lighting design
  • Coriolana

Cooperative Performancealso lighting design
  • The Way We Get By

Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre (NYC)
  • The View From Here

Umbrella Group Milwaukeealso lighting design
  • The Handmaid's Tale

The World's Stage Theatre Companyalso scenic, lighting, and sound designs
  • A Murder Is Announced

Falls Patio Playersalso lighting design
  • Pink Banana One Acts 2014: The Honeymoon Is Over

Pink Banana Theatre Co.also projection design
  • Christmas Carol

Falls Patio Playersalso lighting designprogrammed in 2013 and updated annually through 2017
  • Pink Banana One Acts 2013: Game Night

Pink Banana Theatre Co.
  • Pink Banana One Acts 2012: The End of the World!

Pink Banana Theatre Co.
  • Pink Banana One Acts 2011: Higher Education

Pink Banana Theatre Co.
  • Till Beth Do Us Part

Falls Patio Playersalso lighting design
Ragtime in concert (2020)Brief Cameo Productions