Metamorphosis (2017)Theatre Gigante

"Alan Piotrowicz’s simple but evocative set design... is an open invitation to interpretation; as with Kafka, it simultaneously repels the possibility of meaning. Also as with Kafka and this adaptation, it suggests (through its outlined house) every family’s quixotic effort to control meaning and history. And it suggests a screen or wall, separating the downstage Gregor from his family – and true to the way language spoken by him (and us) is inevitably thwarted, bent and corrupted before reaching its intended recipient(s)."

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "In 'Metamorphosis' life squashes man like a bug"

Scenic Design:

  • 33 Variations

Falls Patio Playersalso projection design
  • Enemy of the People

Theatre Gigante / world premierealso lighting design
  • Metamorphosis

Theatre Gigante / world premierealso lighting design
  • The Handmaid's Tale

The World's Stage Theatre Companyalso projection, lighting, and sound designs
The Handmaid's Tale (2015)The World's Stage Theatre Company
33 Variations (2020)Falls Patio Players
Enemy of the People (2019)Theatre Gigante
Metamorphosis (2015)Theatre Gigante